A torque motor is a specialized form of electric motor which can operate indefinitely while stalled, that is, with the rotor blocked from turning, without incurring damage. In this mode of operation, the motor will apply a steady torque to the load (hence the name). A torque motor that cannot perform a complete rotation is known as a limited angle torque motor.

Torque Motor Golden San Li Ex. Taiwan From 10Kg-cm s/d 100Kg-cm c/w Slidac Controller.

Berikut adalah beberapa type torque motor san li :

Torque motor san lie 10 kg – cm (1N.M) Max Amp 0,8

Torque motor san lie 20 kg – cm (1N.M) Max Amp 1,6

Torque motor san lie 30 kg – cm (1N.M) Max Amp 2,1

Torque motor san lie 50 kg – cm (1N.M) Max Amp 3,5

Torque motor san lie 75 kg – cm (1N.M) Max Amp 4,6

Torque motor san lie 100 kg – cm (1N.M) Max Amp 7

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